Train-plane discussion lacks nuances | The magazine about public transport

Trains are currently more sustainable than aircraft in all respects, says sustainable logistics teacher Paul Peeters from Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS). Despite this, there was a lot of trouble around this last year. Why? “The debate is now being conducted in an unclean way.” This article was previously published in OV-Magazine 1/2022. Would … Read more

Homework for Schiedam man in airport meeting

19-05-2022 News Editorial SCHIEDAM – John Witjes received homework from Schiedam on Monday. The residents’ representative on behalf of the city in consultation on the future of Rotterdam Airport must make new agreements if he is to be able to count on support from Schiedam. In particular, other agreements must be made on opening hours … Read more

Transport rules ‘orange pigs’ frustrate livestock transport

The rules for transporting ‘orange pigs’ to the slaughterhouse cause more animal suffering than prevent it. This group of animals falls under the rules of special livestock transport because they require extra attention. This may be because they have an umbilical hernia or because the tail is slightly damaged. The lack of a unanimous assessment … Read more

Unique quantum materials could enable ultra-powerful compact computers

Chromium sulfide bromide crystallizes in thin layers that can be peeled off and stacked to create nanoscale devices. Columbia researchers have found that the electronic and magnetic properties of this material are linked – a finding that could enable both basic research and potential applications in x-electronics. Credit: Myung Geun Han and Yummy Zoo In … Read more

How important is dance as an art form to Indian society?

“It’s very difficult to talk about Indian dance in general,” says co-initiator of the festival’s choreographer Kálpana Raghuraman in NOS For tomorrow’s purposes† “There are so many different shapes, there are so many different kinds of styles.” Styles In the classic style, the ends of the body are very important. “The head, feet and hands … Read more

Prof. dr. Rabaey: ‘Get rid of traditional, digital and deterministic thinking’

ENGINEERINGNET.BE – Professor Rabaey (photo) is invariably focused on the future. This is how it has been for decades: He has been called a visionary more than once. In the mid-1990s, for example, he developed a predecessor to the iPad: the Infopad. Today, he focuses on the convergence and fusion of humans and technology in, … Read more