Planet-forming disks develop surprisingly similarly

Our solar system is probably formed in the same way as most other planetary systems around us. This is according to German-Austrian-Dutch research on more than 870 planet-forming disks in the Orion cloud A. The researchers, led by the Dutchman Sierk van Terwisga, who now works at the German Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy, will publish … Read more

Live blog | The Russians bomb weapons depot full of American weapons, Zelenski receives Pelosi

Ukraine today enters 67 in the war with Russia. The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, met on Sunday in Kiev with the President of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. She thanked the President and expressed his support for Ukraine’s struggle. ANP / Associated Press Possible humanitarian corridor from Mariupol on Sunday 13:12 | … Read more

an evening in the city for customers of the Food Bank – We are the City of Middelburg

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expert Willem Baars explains what you need to be aware of

(Image: Unsplash) Investing in art sounds like something old-fashioned and only reserved for museums, governments and wealthy merchants of the golden age. But art is still a popular investment today. Manners Magazine will talk to art connoisseur, investor and gallery owner Willem Baars. With rising inflation and falling or even negative interest rates, the popularity … Read more

RegioTV Tiel – Terms and conditions

(updated April 28, 2022) † Who we areRegioTV Tiel – Online news platform Our website address is: What personal information we collect and why we collect it CommentsWhen visitors leave comments on the RegioTV Tiel page, we collect the data displayed in the comment form, as well as the visitor’s IP address and browser … Read more

Goodbye to Food Bank with a sour taste – RTV-Ridderkerk

For the volunteers at the food bank’s distribution point in Ridderkerk, it’s a hard blow. They have been derailed with a new method from Fødevarebanken Rotterdam. It stings men and women who have devoted themselves to it for years. “We have not had the opportunity to make the changes ourselves. We are not involved in … Read more

Nature today | Nature and culture desperately need each other

Nature has a different meaning for everyone. But which worldview is leading? Taking into account the cultural and spiritual significance of nature for indigenous peoples, religious groups and the general public, leads to more support for nature management. It makes protected areas more sustainable, diverse and socially justified. Different worldviews A new report from the … Read more

How ‘woke up’ evolved from an anti-racism concept to a swear word

Join the conversation for beginners: Jan Kuitenbrouwer writes the dictionary of the verbal civil war, which we call ‘the public debate’. Section 2, under w: awakened. Jan KuitenbrouwerMay 10, 202117:24 We started Wakkerlands last week with the word ‘wake’ appropriate. Except “awake” as a euphemism for “Telegraph-reactionary ‘and in the sense of’ conspiracy-conscious’, a third … Read more

in the war museum one can almost touch WWII

Bunker Museum Schlei, SchiermonikoogSculpture by Lars van den Brink In the German troops’ bunker 502 from 1942 on the grounds of EuroParc’s bungalow park in Dordrecht, the war, that is, World War II, is far away and close at the same time. Everyday life continues. On the menu for the twenty men is – it … Read more