Homomorphic encryption (FHE): the future of secret data

Technology companies, led by IBM, are working on the future of encryption with completely homomorphic encryption (FHE). This new form of encryption makes it possible to process information without the need for a key to unlock the data. This piece is part of our ‘IT Explained’ series, where we explain important concepts and technologies behind … Read more

Spain now considers corona ‘normal’ flu | Abroad

In Spain, the corona pandemic is gradually coming to an end. The country is now turning to ‘gripalización’ or ‘flu’. This means that Covid-19 is now considered a ‘common’ flu. Spaniards with mild symptoms who do not belong to a risk group should no longer be tested and should no longer be quarantined. Spain has … Read more

Why you should start trading Bitcoin in 2022

Wondering if you should start trading Bitcoin in 2022? If so, that’s why you should start trading Bitcoin today. Bitcoin has attracted the attention of traders, investors and financial regulators in recent years. This digital currency emerged after the financial crisis in 2008 and allowed users to bypass conventional payment methods and banks. Today, Bitcoin … Read more

Their tattoos tell the Moluccan story

They are proud of their Moluccan origins. 33-year-old * Romy Rondeltap (family name Tahitu) and Phaidra Lawalata are one of the first Moluccan-Dutch women to have traditional cultural tattoos on their faces. They want to start a movement among Moluccan women of all ages to spread the identity of their ancestors. It was very common … Read more

Roadmap | Kjeld Nuis and Thomas Krol early in action at 1500 meters at the Olympic Games | To skate

Today, Kjeld Nuis will start relatively early at 1500 meters at the winter games. The defending Olympic champion is already in stage 11 against South Korean Kim Min-seok. The 32-year-old Nuis first comes into action at this distance in Beijing. Countryman and co-favorite Thomas Krol even starts a stage earlier. The reigning world champion in … Read more