Food in abundance and yet panic – Businesses

The war in Ukraine does not automatically lead to international famine. Because there is enough food, even without the ‘world grain magazine’. The real problems are a weak market and disrupted logistics, which makes food unnecessarily expensive and does not reach where it is needed. The alarm cries about the impending food shortage surprise the … Read more

Smart biosensor detects bacteria

Startup Alberts has developed the very first smoothie machine in the world that makes your favorite smoothie, soup or vegan shake from fresh fruits and vegetables at the touch of a button. But how do you make sure the risk of contamination of your smoothie is as minimal as possible? One of the reasons why … Read more

Between Art and Kitsch: Liberation Museum – Valuable Art – Between Art and Kitsch

In the broadcast on Wednesday 8 June 2022 from the Liberation Museum Zeeland, Titia Reuser sheds light on a wonderful birthday present, Willem de Winter can admire a painting by Johannes Akkeringa and Esther Aardewerk tells more about a silver corkscrew from the eighteenth century. zoombracelet Producer: Tiffany & Co Origin: America Date: 1910 Materials: … Read more

Do you suffer from heartburn? These tips can help you

Stomach acid Your stomach makes one and a half liters of stomach acid every day. Gastric acid is a digestive juice. It contains, among other things, hydrochloric acid, an aggressive liquid that helps digest food quickly and efficiently. In addition, it also kills any pathogenic bacteria that have come along. Your stomach is probably lined … Read more

News Municipality Harderwijk week 22 2022

With this week: Week for the young informal caregiver: Not to be missed …, new composition of mayor and councilors and the requested and announced permits. Management of nature-friendly roadsides Properly managed road edges make an important contribution to biodiversity. The cutting guide is tailored to the location of the edge and the plants and … Read more

Job, Joris & Marieke

Sunday, April 3 at 17.00 – 2022 Some people may have to dig deep: how do I know that name from, Job, Joris & Marieke? And of course, there are those who have never heard of them, and others who immediately know who we are writing about here. Job, Joris & Marieke is an Oscar-nominated … Read more

Flying is like sailing – sailing

Flying and sailing seem like two completely different things. Once in the air, however, one notices that there are remarkably many similarities. Melanie de Vries is a KLM pilot and CWO yacht sailing instructor. She is not the only pilot with a passion for sailing, many other pilots are also sailing enthusiasts. Chance? “The perfectionism … Read more