WAP action showed the students in the Week of Taste where the food comes from

With a WAP campaign, Inagro wanted to strengthen school-going youth’s bond with their food. An action that could count, especially during the Week of Taste, which took place last week. Wwho can tell better about contemporary food production than the food producer himself? The West Flemish research and advisory center Inagro organized a competition where … Read more

Statement: Provide citizens with sufficient, healthy and affordable food from their own region

One of our readers from a cry for help on behalf of our farm boys and girls. “We want to become farmers in a humane way, we don’t want to be thrown to the wolves!” NAfter the Second World War, first the EEC and later the EU were founded with the main goal: ‘Never more … Read more

JLT Mobile Computers receives industry recognition as ‘Top Food Chain Technology’ service provider

The picture can be found on monika@prismapr.com JLT mobile computers sheep industry recognition as ‘Top food chain technology‘ service provider state-or-that art rugged computers combined with tailor-made services designed for the specific needs of the food industry have JLT a contested seat on Food Chain Digest list Delivered. VäxjöSweden, 1 September 2022 * * * … Read more

The Leuven partnership seeks protein diversity in food

Arable farming | Online 23/08/2022 16:00 In short, the agricultural cooperative in Leuven and the retailer Content join forces to start the project ‘A bean for Leuven’. With the support of Boerenbond and ILVO, they will develop new food products and recipes that contribute to the realization of the Flemish protein strategy. At the same … Read more

Games and my disturbed relationship with food | column

How I practiced for a world that revolves around food Written by Jacco Look no further Saturday, April 23, 2022 at 08.00 Food is not just a basic necessity of life. Food is intertwined with culture, traditions and social activities. Eating together fraternizes, friendships are formed while enjoying a good meal and a cold beer. … Read more