This is what you wanted to know about the killing of 1,600 deer in Oostvaardersplassen | animals

11 nov 2022 om 19:52 On Thursday it was announced that the Staatsbosbeheer will have to shoot around sixteen hundred red deer next winter in the Oostvaardersplassen in Flevoland. There are also too many Heck cattle and Konik horses. In response to this news, received many questions via the NUjij response platform. In this … Read more

Marechaussee arrests more than 200 climate activists after action at Schiphol | NOW

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee arrested more than two hundred climate activists from Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace on Saturday because they blocked private planes at Schiphol. The Marechaussee first called on people to leave and then began arresting the remaining protesters. The last activists are still linked to one or more private planes. According to the … Read more

After seventeen years of haggling, water finally flows into the Hedwigepolder | NOW

The discussion about whether to depolder the Hedwigepolder in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen lasted no less than seventeen years. The feud ended this week when the first water flowed into the countryside. But why has there been so much fuss about that piece of land near the Belgian border? “I’m coming to see ‘my’ polder one more time,” … Read more

The chronically ill spend a lot on energy costs, but do not receive extra support | NOW

The government does not want to extend the energy price ceiling for chronically ill people with high energy bills. They have to make do with the existing jars. But there is not enough money in these jars for this group. This is what interest organizations tell Several municipalities confirm this picture. These are chronically … Read more

“Reading crisis” among Dutch youth is a major concern for language experts | Book & Culture

15 sep 2022 om 05:00 Two out of five Dutch young people do not read. A worrying proportion, note experts, who also see low literacy in the Netherlands rising rapidly – ​​with potentially far-reaching consequences. The government and the book industry are diligently looking for ways to reverse the trend. By Robert Blokland The latest … Read more

Farmers say: ‘I’ve known for years that a low-emission floor doesn’t work’ | NOW

This week the State Council put an end to so-called low-emission barns. Much is still unclear about what this means for dairy farmers. spoke to Michel van Dorst, a farmer from Brabant, who has the type of floor that the judge ruled on. Years ago, he suspected that the low-emission floor claims were false. … Read more

The Netherlands apologizes to relatives of the genocide in Srebrenica | NOW

The Dutch government apologizes to the relatives of the genocide in Srebrenica. This was said by Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren on Monday in a speech under the age of 27 for the systematic murder of more than 8,000 Bosnian men and boys. Ollongren made the “deepest apologies” at the Potocari cemetery in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The minister … Read more

NUcheckt: Without a farmer, hunger does not yet lurk in Holland | NOW checking

178 comments 23 Jun 2022 at 20:24Update: 8 minutes ago 1:53Play button Most of the food goes abroad About 70 percent of the food produced by Dutch farms is exported abroad. About 30 percent is intended for the Netherlands itself. According to the annual study by Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Statistics Netherlands, commissioned … Read more