Somalis are starving, why isn’t a famine declared?

Somalia is on the brink of its worst famine in half a century as drought intensifies and global food prices rise. Hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of starvation. Yet no official famine has been declared. How did it happen? The UN has warned that parts of the country will be affected by … Read more

Intensive livestock farming provides more food, but increases the risk of the next pandemic

As the climate changes and the world population increases, more and more efficient food must be produced. Meat is often looked at for its nutrients and the opportunity to rapidly intensify this sector. However, this has many disadvantages, says a new analysis published in the scientific journal The progress of science. Global warming puts food … Read more

Limiting meat consumption: what about countries that have no alternatives?

The consumption of meat, milk and eggs is under pressure because more and more people are aware of how harmful the sector is for the climate and the environment. In addition, the health benefits of these products are also very questionable. ‘A tale that is popular in the North, but has a great influence on … Read more

I am categorized as ‘black’ but I am black

Latifah Abdou: ‘Being black is more than the color of my skin. It is also my culture, my origin and my environment.’ Latifah Abdou is brutally honest in this new MO* column about her blackness: she hesitated to write about this theme. ‘Writing about racial identity requires a certain vulnerability.’ She does so anyway, because … Read more

Using less energy together is a form of conquering freedom

It is important that we keep asking questions that go a little deeper than the surface. In the energy debate, for example, there should finally be more room for questions about what is necessary, what is enough and what is too much, believes MO* columnist Jan Mertens. ‘To spend less energy together is not condescending, … Read more

I’m not a writer, but writing isn’t everything

Latifah Abdou: ‘Written knowledge is not everything.’ © Konstantinakos Tsanakas Decolonization of knowledge is not only about the content, but also about, but also about the way we transfer knowledge, writes MO* columnist Latifah Abdou. African history is full of oral tradition and knowledge transmission, but this has been unfairly subordinated to written knowledge. ‘It’s … Read more

Millions starve, while food for billions ends up in landfills

As the world struggles with a hunger crisis and rising food prices, more than a third of food production is still wasted. “Food waste and loss are moral issues.” As the world struggles with a hunger crisis and rising food prices, more than a third of food production is still wasted. “Food waste and loss … Read more

‘We have to start thinking radically differently about old age’

‘A positive outlook and healthy adaptability to old age will have an enriching and meaningful effect on our society’, writes Robert Boemen from Caritas Vlaanderen. Our country is getting older, and this has major consequences for how our care for the elderly works. According to Robert Boemen, volunteer at Caritas Vlaanderen, we will have to … Read more

‘Racism is also hidden in what you can eat or wear and who you can love’

Hengameh Yaghoobifarah: ‘So the latent threat of the far right was part of my upbringing.’ Bundesarchiv, Bild / Kluge, Wolfgang (CC-BY-SA 3.0) Hengameh Yaghoobifarah, author of debut novel Ministry of Dreams, don’t want to put a child in this messed up world. The German non-binary writer with an Iranian migrant background grew up in a … Read more

‘Now that the sea ice is melting, part of my culture is also disappearing’

‘I like to go out in nature with my father. Then he teaches me the traditions of the Inuit, which he in turn learned from his father.’ The Greenland ice sheet is melting at a rapid rate every year. The Inuit, the indigenous people of Greenland, are directly affected by the consequences of climate change. … Read more