Transport Online – easyJet invests in the latest aircraft technology to achieve permanent CO2 reductions for the entire fleet

AMSTERDAM – easyJet today announced a multi-million pound fleet-wide investment in the latest flight software. This will help the airline to achieve significant and permanent CO2 reductions in the short term. This new software enables the optimization of the aircraft’s descents. The fleet-wide introduction of Descent Profile Optimization (DPO) and Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) on … Read more

app to prevent food waste, we have collected three Magic Boxes |

Purmerend – We heard about it through acquaintances and friends. An app that prevents food waste by offering Magic Boxes. Delicious food is wasted every day in supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, manufacturers and other shops – simply because it is not sold in time. Did you know that around 589 million kilos of food are … Read more

News from Berkelland » Eetcafé Rekken is going on a German tour

By the editors on 23/09/2022 STRETCHING – A Dutch proverb says: “What you get from afar is tasty”. The meaning is that if something comes from far away, it must have required a lot of effort to get it. And then it becomes special and delicious. I wonder if that dragon will also go up … Read more

Education partially removes meat from menu after ‘begging’ teacher

Verouden has been a vegetarian for forty years. He waited just as long to send the request that he has now submitted to the management of Fontys Hogeschool Kind en Educatie. He doesn’t know if it was because of his long wait. Maybe it’s because the world has become so much more sustainable in recent … Read more

A weaker economy may impair the aviation industry’s deployment of cargo aircraft

Analysts say aircraft leasing companies, which have contributed to a tripling of annual conversions since 2019, are now facing the impact not only of falling freight and freight rental rates, but also surplus freighters or being forced to cancel conversions. “This increase in conversions has raised concerns of a bubble,” said Chris Seymour, head of … Read more

It matters if you waste less food

Every kilogram that is not wasted is a hundred percent gain for the environment Worldwide, one kilogram is lost for every three kilograms of food. “Combating food waste is therefore just as important for the climate as eating less meat,” says Toine Timmermans, program manager for sustainable food chains at WUR. But in a press … Read more

News from Berkelland » Today: VAN Jubilee cycle tour

By the editors on 14-08-2022 GEESTEREN – This year VAN Berkel & Slinge celebrates its 25th anniversary, and VALA, to which all the Achterhoek’s nature associations are affiliated, also turns 10. That is why VAN Berkel & Slinge are organizing a 25 km Jubilee bike ride today, Sunday 14 August. This leads around the Geester … Read more

My family: Miranda (49) single-handedly adopted Mica (5) from Haiti | Child & Family

17 sep 2022 om 21:40 How a family lives together varies by country and culture, but the standard family with husband, wife and children is no longer the norm. Living with multiple partners, adult children, grandchildren, adopted or foster children, eight cats or three dogs: in this series, people talk about their families. This week: … Read more | This week in Library Voorschoten – Wassenaar

This week and in the coming period there is much to experience at the library. Taalhuis is looking for volunteers – Become a language friend!Do you want to help someone improve his or her Dutch, for example because this person is illiterate or speaks another language? Then register as a language partner.Come to our language … Read more