Farmers protest in Strø | New corona wave | NOW

On our response platform NUjij, visitors can discuss the news and ask questions to the editors. We receive tens of thousands of responses every week. In this weekly column we show the best contributions and discussions. Farmers protest against nitrogen measures Thousands of farmers from all over the country came on tractors to the Gelderland … Read more

KLM calls Schiphol shrinkage too dramatic, possibly having to get rid of small planes

The Cabinet decided on Friday that from November 2023 (at the start of the winter season) Schiphol may only process 440,000 aircraft movements per year. That’s a 12 percent drop compared to the current maximum of 500,000 flight movements. With the decision, the Cabinet says it wants to improve the quality of life for residents … Read more

Your five most frequently asked questions about nitrogen and farmers’ protests NOW

Farmers protested on Wednesday in Stroe, Gelderland, against the government’s plans to reduce nitrogen emissions. The nitrogen problems are accompanied by a lot of misinformation and raise questions among readers. Do we keep enough to eat? And are the Germans really allowed to do so much more when it comes to nitrogen? These are … Read more

Long-term health effects are possible due to ultrafine particles from aircraft

Long-term exposure to ultrafine particles from air traffic can have an effect on the cardiovascular system Exposure to ultrafine particles from aircraft around Schiphol could potentially lead to adverse effects on the cardiovascular system and the development of the unborn child. There is no evidence that prolonged exposure to ultrafine particles is the cause of … Read more | This week in the Voorschoten-Wassenaar library

This week and in the coming period there is a lot to experience at the library. Presentation Women in balance in Voorschoten libraryMultitasking, a full agenda with a demanding job, social activities, sports, caring for family and parents, fluctuating hormones …. How do you stay in balance as a woman?Transitional consultant Janny Ledeboer and Alexander … Read more | Exhibition ‘F1 Legends’ in the Louwman Museum

Enter the history of the Zandvoort Grand Prix during the unique F1 Legends exhibition at the Louwman Museum. The exhibition starts on July 1 and ends on September 4, the day this year’s Grand Prix Formula 1 is held in Zandvoort. Eight F1 cars of legendary drivers who participated in the Zandvoort Grand Prix from … Read more

Qatar Airways and Airbus are going to court over A350 paint dispute

The judge told a section of the London High Court that there was “public interest” in the outcome of the dispute, with the Gulf airline questioning the safety of about two dozen A350 long-haul aircraft that have been stranded due to defects in their fly. protective skin. Airbus has admitted that these and other jets … Read more

Poverty Soviet style threatens Russians through sanctions –

Burdened by Western sanctions, Russia is falling into a poor economy that relies on lousy homemade things to replace imports. The shortage has begun to evoke memories of the wilderness of consumers, which was the Soviet Union. While it may be able to find new suppliers for some Western-made goods and components in friendly countries … Read more