This development in Ukraine would not surprise defense expert Ko Colijn | NOW

Defense expert Ko Colijn has been providing the Dutch with explanations of armed conflict for over forty years. For he follows the match in Ukraine and answers our (and your) questions. This time: it would not surprise Colijn if … †the Ukrainians, defending their cities in the eastern Donets basin with all their might, … Read more

Food in abundance and yet panic – Businesses

The war in Ukraine does not automatically lead to international famine. Because there is enough food, even without the ‘world grain magazine’. The real problems are a weak market and disrupted logistics, which makes food unnecessarily expensive and does not reach where it is needed. The alarm cries about the impending food shortage surprise the … Read more

Global cooperation is needed to prevent food crisis

To prevent global food crises, governments and NGOs must work together to professionalize agriculture worldwide and make it climate-safe. “We know where the hot spots are, but we fail to prevent famine.” The current food crisis was high on the agenda of the World Economic Forum, which took place last week. This year’s annual summit … Read more

New evidence of Russian war crimes continues to emerge | NOW

Surveillance footage from a car dealer in a suburb of Kiev shows once again that Russian soldiers are killing innocent civilians. The UN on Thursday named the 1,000 bodies of civilians killed in the Kiev region. The UN Human Rights Council has approved an investigation into the alleged Russian atrocities. BBC and CNN today released … Read more