Lithuania is transforming abandoned buildings

Written by editors. In Lithuania, more and more old rooms are being adapted for reuse in new construction. Historical preservation of old structures and increased focus on sustainability play an important role here. Places that, according to many, previously ruined the city view, are revived as a cultural meeting place. Groups that enrich the rural … Read more

The discovery of heaven

Written by Editors Cultuur. ASSEN – Having just been exhibited at the British Museum in London, the admirable Nebra disc will soon be presented at the Drents Museum in Assen. It is an archaeological exhibition entitled The Nebra Disk – The Discovery of Heaven. The unique archaeological object from the collection of the Landesmuseum für … Read more

Bad date culture for Indian-American Sonali Chandra

Written by Phia Baruch. In a society where women are expected to adapt their behavior to certain expectations in order to ‘count’, the Indian-American Sonali Chandra is like a black swan. She is known for her performance on “The Dr. Phil Show”, where she shares her minimal dating experiences from her perspective on Indian culture. … Read more

Outdoor exhibition in the baroque park De Oude Warande

Written by Editors Cultuur. TILBURG – Now open in the baroque park De Oude Warande, an internationally oriented outdoor exhibition. This weekend, Lustwarande opens for the twelfth time with a surprising exhibition of contemporary sculpture in a unique location. This time, Lustwarande 2022 zooms in on the power of the idol with GODHEAD – Idols … Read more